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We seek to create and mentor successful entrepreneurs in the beauty industry, providing every student with a trustworthy environment to execute their business goals with strategic planning.

Rich Hair Academy has been built on morals and empowerment. We help upcoming stylists legitimize and upscale their hair business by teaching them the requirements to obtain licensure, Tennessee's shop requirements, and how to properly structure their business to reap the endless benefits to assist their growth, physically and financially.

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Our step by step blueprint and coaching program will assit you every step of the way, helping you turn that side hustle/hobby into a lucrative career. Our course makes transitioning from a hustler to a successful business owner "easy peasy"....

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I'm sure you have more questions about how our course/classes work. Don't worry i'll answer the questions I get the most here:

How long is the course/class?

The requirements to offer extension services in Tennessee is 16 hours. Our state board approved course ranges from one day to four weeks depending on which course you enroll in.

What if I already know how to do hair?

We have an online curriculum available for you to obtain licensure.

What if I want to learn how to braid?

We offer extensive hands on training.

Does this course license me to work in a salon?

Yes, it is referred to as a certification, however once we register you with the state of Tennessee, they will issue you a license within one week. This license will legalize you to open a salon and/or work in one.

What all does the license cover?

All extension services (braiding, weaving, locs, micro-links, tape-ins, natural hairstyling, sew-ins, quick weaves, sleek ponytails, etc)

Will I only receive my license?

No, we offer business training and provide all of our students with several streams of income to maintain a lucrative successful business.

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